Yara: Yet Another RSS Aggregator

Yara is a fast, embeddable RSS aggregator and parser. It is written in C++ and exposes a very simple API in C.

Yara is designed to be as fast as possible, yet be usable and maintainable. Some of the choices for the parser and the renderer were made uniquely for speed:

Parsing is done in two steps: first, the RSS stream is parsed, then the template is used to generate a header, each item found in the stream, and a footer. The template therefore consists of a template text for all three.

Yara will not download the stream for you: most RAD tools, frameworks, etc. come with easy-to-use methods to download files from the internet, so I didn't see an immediate need to implement this.

Yara comes with an example application, which is a stand-alone RSS viewer written in Turbo C++. The viewer loads the parser/renderer DLL dynamically, which is intended to demonstrate not only that the DLL can be compiled with a different C++ compiler, but that it can be used as a plug-in for your applications.